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Network Solutions 

E2 Services builds both local area and wide area networking solutions designed to ensure that our clients networks are reliable, secure, and affordable.

Solutions Include


Network engineers work closely with customers to determine their needs for today and in the future. They identify potential problems and design network solutions that will improve productivity and will be easy to maintain.

Documented network diagrams are created to establish a foundation for future growth and expansion. We employ the use of best-of-breed products and technologies in our design phase and deploy certified network engineers during the deployment phase.

Wireless Technology

E2’s certified wireless engineers offer solutions that are flexible and efficient for any size or scale of network.

Switching Gear

E2 deploys only enterprise class technologies such as HP and Cisco switches. Whether it is single or multi-site, E2’s certified engineers have the experience and expertise to deliver the appropriate switching solutions.


Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), and Content Filtering

E2 Services installs and configures these critical security systems to prevent intruders from accessing an organization’s intellectual capital residing on a computer network. These are used to reduce an organization’s exposure to security threats to block malicious content to keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure, while protecting users from harmful/inappropriate Internet content.



Wireless technologies have eliminated the need for cabling, but many locations and situations still require it. E2 partnerships with leading data cable vendors help to provide customers with an organized and dependable cabling system.


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